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Vasile A.


Heather R.

Business Owner

“A vote for Naz Paul as Senator gives a voice to privately owned family businesses in Washington. It is a family-centered vote. It is a moderate vote that can help balance Washington out in a time of nothing but extremes.”

Tony Y.

Software Developer

“It’s encouraging to see more viable independents like Naz Paul enter the political ring. Our divisive two party system is getting us nowhere at lightning speed. We need more voices and more choices if we ever hope to sustain any semblance of a democracy.”

Donald H.


“I want to go on the record that I am endorsing Naz Paul for the United States Senate. Naz brings a modern view to this political environment. Naz is a successful business owner and mother of three with the most integrity and amazing work ethic. It has been a pleasure getting to know Naz and her family over the years. If you are looking for a change looking for someone to represent your best interests and not the interests of the political elite, I strongly recommend you investigate Naz as that person. She is a well-grounded no-nonsense individual who has the courage and drive to make some real changes for us here in Washington.” 

Arthur R.


“I have known Naz for several years as a business associate.  She is a highly successful business woman that would put common sense change that works to benefit her constituents.”

Monica F.

Registered Nurse, University Instructor, & Mother

“Naz Paul is the ideal person to serve Washington State in the US Senate. Her excellence in business leadership, understanding of real life issues affecting families, and her generous spirit are traits that set her apart from career politicians. Naz knows the needs of the average Washingtonian and has the stamina, compassion, and knowledge to serve her community as a WA state senator.”

Lysa T.

Real Estate Agent

“Naz Paul is who we need right now, representing Washington State as an Independent Senator.
She is a young, driven, smart businesswoman who has experienced hard times and overcome them through sheer grit and determination. A mother to 3 sons, a daughter of Iranian immigrants, and quite simply a phenomenal person with an independent spirit, she will do everything in her power to make sure everyone’s needs, dreams and goals are considered with every move she makes.”


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In order for us to put everyday Washingtonians first, we have to take on the powerful, corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. Naz’s campaign is 100% people-powered.