Naz Paul

running for u.s. senate for the state of washington

Why I’m Running

A True Independent

Politicians pledge their allegiance solely to their political party and special interest groups. I’m pledging my allegiance ONLY to the American people. As an independent, I believe that our differences empower us and that respect is essential, even when we disagree. It’s fine to agree with some and disagree with others; it’s what makes us human and unique. We don’t have to follow one-sided trends– it’s beneficial to encourage independent thinking!

I Want To Work For You

As long as we have a two-party system, we’ll keep kicking the same problems around and never come up with an answer. Regardless of party, I will stand up for the interests of all Washingtonians and propose sensible solutions. To finally make headway on the long-standing issues that we’ve watched worsen year after year, I’m going to fight for legislation and work between the two parties.

I Believe In Unity

Our nation has never been more divided than it is today. We have a beautiful state flourishing with diversity, great minds, and different ideologies. When we don’t embrace our differences, party politics continues to separate us, making us afraid to even voice our political ideas in order to avoid making a new adversary. It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time to get back to being the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, because I love my country and I love the constitution.

Nearly 75% of Washingtonians are willing to vote for an independent candidate.


Join The Movement

In order for us to put everyday Washingtonians first, we have to take on the powerful, corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. Naz’s campaign is 100% people-powered.

Did you know that the majority of Washingtonians are disappointed with the legislature’s two-party system? Also, 57% percent are frustrated by gridlock in the legislature.

A Real Vision For Washington


The current immigration system is a catastrophe, and the federal government must take permanent steps to secure the Southern border, while creating a clear path to residency for those who have fallen victim to the broken immigration system created by both parties of our government …


Despite being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, our education system is far inferior to other countries, and on most lists, we don’t break the top twenty best. Our children are reduced to numbers on standardized tests, and many complain about having teachers that can’t in fact, teach …


Affordable and quality healthcare should go hand-in-hand and is an obvious necessity for all Americans. Prescription drug costs and health insurance are unaffordable. We need to sustain and better the quality of healthcare Americans are provided, all while investing in cures, holding big pharma accountable, reducing procedure wait times, lowering overall costs, and supporting our healthcare professionals.

Small Business & Trade

The cost of living and supply-chain issues have been at the center of every Washingtonian’s worries. The success of the United States economy has always been dependent on the success of small businesses due to their ability to create new jobs, bolster innovation, and enable financial independence. Our current representatives are neglecting middle class workers whose livelihoods are tied to these small businesses.

Meet Naz

Naz Paul is a lifelong Washingtonian. She cares for the environment, human rights, and for the success and future of Washington state!

Born and raised in Bellevue WA, Naz has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and mother to 3 active boys. She is the daughter to Iranian immigrants and also the wife to her husband who is Romanian-American. Naz knows first-hand the challenges Washingtonians are facing and will fight for a better future and real change.

It’s time for the majority to have representation.


“A vote for Naz Paul as Senator gives a voice to privately owned family businesses in Washington. It is a family-centered vote. It is a moderate vote that can help balance Washington out in a time of nothing but extremes.”

Heather R, Business Owner

“It’s encouraging to see more viable independents like Naz Paul enter the political ring. Our divisive two party system is getting us nowhere at lightning speed. We need more voices and more choices if we ever hope to sustain any semblance of a democracy.”

Tony Y, Software Designer

“I have known Naz for several years as a business associate.  She is a highly successful business woman that would put common sense change that works to benefit her constituents.”

Arthur R, Broker

Get Involved

We need you to volunteer and help spread the word because we can’t do this without you. Please let us know how you want to be involved or just to say, “Hi” and show your support!